It’s that time of the year where I finally stop procrastinating and start writing my annual blog post. Now, I know I’m a few days late in the game since you’ve probably already seen everyone’s New Year’s resolutions/social posts…BUT WHAT CAN I DO. I spent New Year’s Eve eating takeout sushi (because we didn’t realize the meal we wanted to cook had a “marinate the meat for a day” step in the recipe), playing Exploding Kittens, and then raving by myself to a free Kpop concert on Youtube at 2:30AM. How did I get myself to the point of dancing by myself? Well being the terrible planner that I am, I decided to pop that ice cuvΓ©e at 11:30PM so I only felt that drunk fun feeling at 2AM.

Evidently that lead to a small hangover on the first day of 2021, so I had no energy to post anything. Then on the 2nd of January, I decided to tidy up my life, think a bit, and reflect on the last year with YearCompass – a free booklet that helps you self-reflect on your past year and get ready for the next.

And now on January 3rd, 2020 – I’m finally sitting down with my laptop, writing this post.

Looking Back

2020 was a difficult year for many of us. So I’m very grateful that my family and friends are safe and healthy. After completing my YearCompass I realized that despite thinking all I’ve done this year is slowly lose my sanity in a glass box, I’ve actually done some things. So here’s a peek into my past year.

  • After years of people suggesting I try stand up and years of me telling myself I would try, I finally signed up for a stand up class at Second City and performed my first set. Maybe it’s cause I was a fairly academic child, but I needed this class to help me start writing. Getting homework as an adult is thrilling, because it gives you something to do during the week instead of just scrolling TikTok and wondering how old everyone on the app is.
  • I finally graduated from my advertising program and entered the advertising industry. It was only 2 years/4 blog posts ago that I wrote about quitting auditing so that I could become a creative in advertising and now here I am. It’s been a journey but I’m happy with here I’m at. Disclaimer: I’m still not fully recovered from my quarter life crisis but like when am I ever fully ok. (IZ OK TO NOT BE OK)
  • Being an extrovert, at times I’ve felt quite isolated and lonely during the lockdown. Having moved to Toronto 2 years ago and being in school for most of it, I never really had time to explore Toronto or make friends here. Don’t get me wrong I have great friends here, but I still relied heavily on my friends in Montreal because we were able to visit each other so often. So, not being able to see them has definitely made me feel lonely at times. But, I’m happy that with social media and technology, I’ve been able to stay connected. I’ve also taken a few walks with some pals to get some socialization in and some fresh air, not exactly the ratchet type of behaviour I enjoy but maybe this is a sign that wittle Shirley is growing up.

Overall, I kinda felt like I was in limbo last year. I spent it putting off things I wanted to do because of the uncertainty of the world. But, I’ve learned to go easy on myself (maybe a bit tooooooo easy – like binging kdramas one after the other cause I have zero self control). It hasn’t been the easiest time, but I’m very fortunate to be safe and healthy. And, I’m grateful to have people I can lean on.

Looking forward

So now that we’ve entered season 2 of everyone’s sourdough adventures on instagram aka 2021, what are some things that I want to do this year. Well, first off, Osheaga 2021, I mean the headliners are already out, that must mean it’s happening right???? JUST KIDDING.

  • I need to make more of an effort to hang out virtually with my friends. Instead of staying in a state of isolation, I’m going to satisfy my socialization needs by reaching out to friends and catching up with them. My ubereats delivery guys are really getting annoyed at my efforts of keeping our convos going.
  • I really need to stop procrastinating. I know I love writing, whether it’s this blog, or new stand up material, but I always put it off. It’s probably cause I’m scared of failure!!! And how can you fail at something if you don’t even do it! Or does that mean you’ve just automatically failed. hmmmmm… So, 2021 Shirley please write more and stop being a little procrastinating bitch. Thanks.
  • I want to start youtubing or doing some type of content creation. With no in person open mics, how will I spread my joys and funnies. I’ve always dabbled with the idea of starting a Youtube, but if you’ve learnt anything about me this whole post it’s that I’m a procrastinator, so I’ve never started. See point above, I’m not trying to be a procrastinator anymore so if not now then when???? If you guys have any ideas on content please send me a message. I suck at makeup and wear the same sweater over and over again so I’m pretty sure the beauty and fashion niche aren’t for me.

Of course, be hot is on my to do list, but that’s a given, that’s basically on my to do list every day of my life. So to my dearest self, get that bag, get those fake lashes, do Chloe Ting and get that booty, fulfill all your dreams of being an ABG. I believe in you/me.

Now to end this on a more serious note, in the YearCompass booklet it asks you to pick a word to symbolize and define the year ahead and the word I picked was “Do”. I put off doing because I fear. What do I fear? Probably failure, judgement, rejection, etc. Well FUCK IT. I need to stop fearing and just start doing.

Happy New Years everyone!!!

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